It's About the Story Telling
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March 11, 2017
By Christine Merchent
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Someone said to me that this whole project is about the ballet. That is a very one dimensional view of this body of work. You could take any of the pictures of the ballerinas and put them on a stage or in a studio and they would be "traditional" and much less interesting. It's not just the ballet, the golf course, or the golfers. It is the combination of the three and the story telling that makes this project so intriguing to me. 

This project combines two disparate worlds, golf and ballet. Yes they have a lot in common when it comes to the work that goes on behind the scenes, how simple they make it look, how lovely it is to observe, the fans, the galleries... But on an everyday basis, these two worlds do not intersect. Not even close.

Taking ballerinas and inserting them into traditional golf stories has captivated my imagination. On one level, the story looks so familiar, but on another it is a complete fantasy. 

Add to that the lovely golf course environment, the lighting, the athletic golfers, this all makes for artwork that enthralls me and makes me be excited to get up in the morning and create more art.

So no, it's not just about the ballet, or the golf, or the golf course. It's about the storytelling, and the fantasy it creates, and at the end of the day, the mysterious artwork the combination created.

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