Golf & Toe Shoes
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March 10, 2017
By Christine Merchent
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Golf & Toe Shoes

I had the idea that I’d like to photograph golf shoes and ballet shoes, then create a cuff bracelet that alternated, one ballet shoe then one golf shoe and back and forth. This has turned out to be an expensive proposition on my part.

Clay’s, my 15-year-old golfer son, has been dreaming of custom golf shoes for some time. So he got onto where you can make these amazing shoes to your custom specifications and designed a pair. I photographed just his cool shoes with his monogram on the side and the Purgatory Golf Club logoed golf ball. I also photographed his new shoes with a decorated a couple of decorated toe shoes.

Toe shoes get beat up by dancers, and when they no longer properly support and protect the foot they are ‘dead.’ Sometimes ballerinas will sign or decorate these dead pointe shoes and volunteers sell them at performances to raise funds for the organization. Some cleaver moms and dance organizations have taken this to a new art form and sell meticulously decorated pointe shoes as artwork on I have acquired quite a collection of these amazing tributes to ballet. Often the shoe follows the theme of a famous ballet, such as the Nutcracker Suite or Swan Lake. I have a whole board on dedicated to decorated pointe shoes

Here is a list of my favorite shops on Etsy that sell decorated point shoes:

The two pointe shoes in these photos are from The green one is in honor of the Nutcracker Suite party scene, and the red one Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts.

Golf shoes stabilize the golfers foot during the swing, and also keep them dry on the often-wet grass. Golf shoes used to come with hard spikes but those have gone out of fashion as they are quite hard on the putting green, and now soft spikes are the norm. Moms have not taken to decorating abused golf shoes, although I have considered hiring someone on Etsy to do it for me, who knows, it might just catch on.


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Christine Merchent - You are welcome, they are lovely and a great addition to my collection. Thank you for stopping by.
Abbie Holliday - Thanks so much for sharing my shoes on your blog! Great post. ❤ColumbusCityShoeShop

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