This project is self-reflective. It is based on my what I see on the golf course. In this abstract version, I have taken at least two images, sometimes three and combined them to create a new piece of art. I took an inspiration image from my everyday golf life, and combined it with a stylized ballerina on the golf course image. Sometimes, I also added one of my commercial golf course images too.

While the concept of combining theses images is simple, the reality of it is not. The images have to work together in the same visual space. They have to compliment each other and tell a parallel story. A golfers sunglasses can't be sticking up a ballerina's nose. Some stories go together quickly, some take me days to find how the puzzle fits together. And sometimes, no matter how much I want to put two images together on the same canvas, it just doesn't work.

But when I am successfully able to bring the motivating image together with the ballerina portrait, my muses sing.